Stories of Soil

Darcy Mullen, PhD.        School of LMC                                    
                                            Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts           
                                                686 Cherry Street                           
                                            Georgia Tech                                    
                                            Atlanta, GA 30332-0165                   

Georgia Institute of Technology Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow 2017-2018


 Ph.D. in English, University at Albany, SUNY. Graduated May 2017.  Dissertation: “There’s No Place Like Home: Locavore Writing and Rhetorics of Space.” Committee Members: Laura Wilder (Chair), Tamika Carey, Bret Benjamin and Robert Yagelski.

M. A. in English Literature; Prof. Jeffrey Tucker, University of Rochester, 2007.

 B.A. in English and Textual Studies, Syracuse University, Cum Laude May, 2006.


Poetry@Tech Pedagogy Grant, Georgia Institute of Technology, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

 Travel Grants, University at Albany English Department, April, 2017, 2009, and 2008.

 Selected Highlight by Discover Wordpress, October 2016: “Object Statement.” Graduate Journal of Food Studies, Vol 3.1. Editor-in-chief Carla Cevasco, Harvard University. Department of American Studies at Harvard University, September 2016.

 Thorns Fellowship: Awarded to support completion of dissertation work, University at Albany   
English Department, Summer 2016.

 Online Course Development Training Grant. The Office of Summer Studies and the Institute for Teaching, Learning & Academic Leadership, University At Albany, August, 2013.


Peer Reviewed Articles

 What to do About All The Number Thingies: Data on Violence and Verbal Complexity in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Article, and Database creation. Slayage. Edited Rhonda V. Wilcox).  Forthcoming 2018.

“Locavore Places and Neoliberal Spatial Literacy.”  Gastronomy, Culture, and the Arts: A Scholarly Exchange of Epic Portions, March 2016. Special Edition. University at Toronto Mississauga. Department of Language Studies at University of Toronto Mississauga, June 2017.  (In print by LEGAS Publishing, 2018.)

  ““Cartographic Communities of Locavores: Local Ideographs and Spatial Rhetoric.” Graduate Journal of Food Studies, Vol. 3.1. Editor-in-chief Carla Cevasco, Harvard University. Department of American Studies at Harvard University, September 2016.

 "Tales from Nowhere: Burma and the Lonely Planet Phenomenon." Antae Journal: A Post-Graduate Journal on the Interspaces of English Studies. Special Issue, “Elsewhere.” General Editor, Aaron Aquilina, Lancaster University. University of Malta, April 2016. < >

 Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

 “How To Cook a Wolf; Active and Inactive Culinary Emergencies in the Anthropocene.” Modernism and the Anthropocene. Ed. John McIntyre and Jon Hegglund. (Washington State University). Forthcoming Fall 2017.

“Talk Bluntly and Carry a Pointy Stick: Violence and Verbal Complexity in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Hero or Villain? Essays on Dark Protagonists of Television. Ed. Tamara Girardi Abigail Scheg. (Association for Pop Culture Studies). McFarland Publishing. Coauthored by Darcy Mullen and Tirza I. Leader. Forthcoming Fall 2017.

 Peer Reviewed Creative

“Object Statement.” Graduate Journal of Food Studies, Vol 3.1. Editor-in-chief Carla Cevasco, Harvard University. Department of American Studies at Harvard University, September 2016.

Book Chapters

“Beowulf and Aesthetic Nervousness: A Multidimensional Pedagogy.” (Dis)Abilities and Young Adult Literature: Critical Reading, Pedagogy, and Literary Theory. Ed. Jacob Stratman, (John Brown University). McFarland Publishing. January, 2016.

Invited Guest Blog Posts

 “The Times They Are A-Changin’: Teaching Bob Dylan in American Lit.” Pedagogy and American Literary Studies. Scheduled January, 22 2018.

“The Burst of The ITT Tech Bubble and Pedagogical Support.” Pedagogy and American Literary Studies, March 2017.

Guest Blog Posts

             “Tarantulas at Tech.” TechStyle. Upcoming, 2017.

Book Reviews
The Aesthetics of Food: The Philosophical Debate About What We Eat and Drink. Journal of Food, Culture & Society. Association for the Study of Food and Society. Eds. Amy Bentley. Forthcoming February 2018.

 A Precautionary Tale: How one small town banned pesticides. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. Eds. Duncan Hilchey. Forthcoming, January 2018.

 Heavy. Journal of Food, Culture & Society. Association for the Study of Food and Society.      Eds. Amy Bentley. Issue 20., Vol 1., March 2017.


 Instructor in the School of Literature, Media and Communication, Georgia Institute of Technology

 English 1102: Rhetoric and Poetics of The Nobel Prize in Literature (Fall 2017);

Rhetoric and Poetics of Soil (Upcoming, Spring 2018)


Lecturer in the Department of English, University at Albany 

 English 100z: Introduction to Analytical Writing  (Fall 2012, Spring 2010)           

English 110z: Writing and Critical Inquiry, Special Topics: The Prisoner (Spring 2017); YA Literature
and Representations of Pedagogy (Spring 2016); The Rhetoric of Humor (Spring 2015, Fall 2015); Politics of the Nobel Prize in Literature (Fall 2016, Fall 2014, Spring 2014); American Protest Literature (Fall 2013, Spring 2013)

English 121: Reading Literature (Fall 2009)       

English 222: World Literature (Spring 2012)

English 226: Disability and Literature (Spring 2010)

English 226: Protest Writing Since the Civil Rights Era (Spring   2012)   

English 240z: Growing Up in America; Rhetoric of Humor and Diversity (Spring 2012, Fall 2010, Summer 2010, Summer 2009, Spring 2009, Fall 2008)

English 271: Literature and Globalization (online course)  (Summer 2015)

English 300w: Expository Writing  (Fall 2012, Summer 2011, Fall 2011)


Instructor                      LMC School, Georgia Technical Institute                 August 2017- present

Lecturer                        Department of English, University at Albany            August 2007- May 2017

ESL Consultant            Global LT., Michigan.                                                   August 2011- January 2017

Writing Center Tutor     University At Albany                                                 Fall 2007

Writing Center and Academic Support for Student Athletes:
Graduate student support  

                                    Syracuse University (Athletic Department Lab)              2006- 2007




Select Conference Presentations

            Upcoming: “Seeds of Knowledge: The Fortified Landscapes of Chretien’s Le Conte du Graal.”

            Joint Presentation with Dr. Kellyann Fitzpatrick. “Green Arthur Panel,” Sponsored Session.

             MLA New York, NY, January, 2018.

             Upcoming: "Green Porno! Sex Ed, Recipes and Ecocritical Disasters!," ASLE panel, "Popular

            Culture and the Environment: TV/Film." SAMLA. Atlanta, GA. November 2017.

             “Let Them Eat Diamonds: Neoliberal Pica.” Joint annual meeting of Association for the Study

            of Food and Society, at Occidental University, Los Angeles, CA. June, 2017.

             “The Local American West: Origins and Resource Allocation in The Locavore Movement.”

             "The West as Resource." Western Literature Association. MLA Philadelphia, January, 2017.

             “How To Cook a Wolf; Active and Inactive Culinary Emergencies in the Anthropocene.”

             Scarborough Fare, joint annual meeting of Association for the Study of Food and Society at

              the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), University of Toronto, June, 2016.

            “Joking about Pointy Sticks: Humor, Violence and Verbal Complexity in Buffy the Vampire

             Slayer.” Joint Presentation with Dr. Tirza Leader (Assistant Professor of Psychology at Georgia

             Gwinnett College). Conference of Comedy and Critical Thought: Laughter as Resistance?                     Kent University, Canterbury, England. May, 2016.

             “Pictures of Students with Shovels”: Sustainable Agribusiness and Student Writers” SUNY

             Council on Writing 2016. University at Albany, March, 2016.

            “Locavore Places and Neoliberal Spatial Literacy.” Gastronomy, Culture, and the Arts: A

            Scholarly Exchange of Epic Portions. University of Toronto Mississauga, March, 2016.

             “Slow Food and Locavore Measures: Scales of Time and Place in Food Protest Movements.”

             NEMLA, New Haven, March, 2016.

             “Cartographic Communities of Locavores: Local Ideographs and Spatial Rhetoric”                                   Graduate Food Studies Conference, Boston, October, 2015.

             “Weeding Out the Metaphors: Green Politics in Fourteenth-Century England.” Joint                                Presentation with Dr. KellyAnn Fitzpatrick (University at Albany). North Eastern Modern                       Languages Association, Toronto, May, 2015.

            “What Are People For? And The Problem That Has No Name, Wendell Berry,
             Feminism, and Spatial Justice.” South Atlantic Modern Languages Association.
              86: Sustainability and the Humanities, Atlanta, November, 2014.

              "Knock Knock/ Who’s There?/ Social Organization Joke Cycles and Asymmetrical
            Meaning Making Post 9/11.” Conference on Activism, Reading and Rhetoric, Syracuse
            University, Syracuse, May, 2012.

             “The Nobel Prize in Literature Since 9/11,” Society for Utopian Studies, Milwaukee,
              October, 2010.

             “Bad Historicity and Lands of Terror in Lonely Planet’s Badlands and The National
            Security Strategy of the United States of America,” Society for Utopian Studies,
            Wrightsville Beach, October, 2009.

             “Barbaric and Cosmopolitan Aesthetics and Practices in Everyday Life” Society for
             Utopian Studies, Portland, ME, October 2008.

                 “Tales From Nowhere: Utopia and The Lonely Planet Phenomenon,” Society for Utopian

                 Studies, Toronto, October, 2007.

Conference Roundtable Participation

             “Grammar and Acceptability/Affordability.” Moderator: Jon Collier. SUNY CoW 2016, University at Albany, March, 2016.

             “Using Advanced Forms of Social Media” (Advanced Garden Communications). Keynote: Katie Dubow, Garden Writers’ Association, 66th Annual Symposium, Pittsburg, August, 2014.

                       "Neonictoids and Bee Health.” American Horticultural Society, Cultivate14, Columbus,    Roundtable Participant, July, 2014.

             “Social Media and Roundtable Exchange.” Chair: Shawna Coranado, American
Horticultural Society, Cultivate14, Columbus, Roundtable Participant, July, 2014.



            Seminar Leader: “Rhetorica in the 21st Century: Critical Concepts for Bridging the Disciplines.” Seminar for ABD Graduate Students. Honorarium awarded. Kent University, Canterbury, England. May, 2016.       

            Introduction of Dr. Eileen Schell, Keynote speaker for SUNY Conference on Writing Conference, University at Albany, March, 2016. 

            Invited Speaker for Introduction of Dr. Randall Horton, New York State Writer’s Institute, University at Albany, February 2016.


Service to the Profession

 2017-present     Peer Reviewer for Cornell University’s Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and
Community Development, sponsored by The Lyson Center at the Center for Transformative Action at Cornell. 

2016-2017        Peer Reviewer for Harvard University’s Graduate Journal of Food Studies. 

 Professional Service

2017                 Book Donation Initiative for Phillips’ Prison; partnering with GaTech’s Serve, Learn, Sustain, GaTech’s Writing and Communication Program, Cobb County Library Systems, and Augury Books.

2016                 Conference Organization Committee: State University of New York Conference on Writing 2016: Writing and Affordability: Writing and promotion of Call For Papers, Abstract review committee, weekly action-item coordinator.

2014-2017        Book Donation Initiative for Prison Literacy; Partnering with University at Albany’s English Department, and Schenectady Public Libraries.

 Service to the University

2017                 Brittain Fellow Cohort Representative for the Writing Communication Program Committee. 

International Film Screening Series; partnered with LMC students and the I-House (sponsored by the School of Modern Languages: Dr. Michael Weidorn). 

Moderation of Twitter account for TechStyle/the Marrion L. Brittian Fellows.

 2016                 The Institute for Teaching, Learning, and Academic Leadership’s 2016 College Teaching  Symposium for Graduate Students.” Roundtable Session Chair, “Nonverbal                             Communication- How Teachers Act in a Classroom.” University at Albany.
Graduate Student Organization: National Association of Graduate Professional Students and Recognized Graduate Student Association Subcommittees. Drafting of Grant Application forms, and review of Graduate Student Organization Grants.                              
2012- 2016        Rhetoric and Composition Reading Group, Organizer and Coordinator, University at Albany.

2012               Initiatives in Teaching Seminar: “Conflict in the Classroom,” led discussion with                Professor Laura Wilder, University at Albany, April.

2009-2008       Conference Organization: “Negotiating Land: New Readings.” University At                  Albany. Graduate Student Coordinator, (2009). “Constructing the Body, Constructing the Text: Literary and Scientific Discourses of the Human Body,” (2008). Third Symposium of SUNY Albany’s Institute for Critical Climate Change (IC3: 2008).                               

2009- 2007       English Graduate Student Organization (EGSO) Representative to university wide Graduate Student Organization (GSO): Allocation Committee for University-wide GSO Budget.  University at Albany.


 “Migrating Media: Byting Words.” Writing Workshop led by Betty Fussell. Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA. June 2017.

 “Doing Food Systems: A Workshop on Connecting Community Practitioners with College Students Through Experiential Food Systems Education.” Cornell University’s Food, Agroecology, Justice & Wellbeing Collective, Ithaca, NY, May 2017. 

 Sponsored training in ESL/ELL, and technical writing pedagogy webinars provided by Global LT, 2011-2017.

 “Teaching About Food Systems: Creating a Community of Practice.” Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition, New York, NY, July 2016.

 “Approaches to Challenging Conversations” The Office of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Fellows, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, May, 2015.

 Certificate in Arabic Translation: New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Supported by the United Nations, August. Moderate Fluency (written), 2008.

 International Relations and Business; Study Abroad Program: “Globalization and Its Discontents.” Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France and England. Syracuse University, May 2007.


  French: University at Albany translation exam, September. Moderate Fluencey, 2009.

 Arabic Translation: New York University, August. Moderate Fluency, 2008.


MLA         Modern Languages Association

NCTE        National Council on Teachers of English

ASLE        Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment

ASFS        Association for the Study of Food and Society

NEMLA    North Eastern Modern Languages Association

GWA        Garden Writers Association